Fantastic Zagreb

Zadnji festivalski dan kroz fotografije...

Zero release of the first fiction film festival across the region was  held from 02. to 09.07. 2011 as a major announcement of the first edition in 2012. Fantastic Zagreb is festival that brought together film fiction and related genres – science fiction, horror, thriller, suspens, animation, experimental film, the curious drama, etc. The projections were held at two open air locations – the plateau near the Church St.Catherine (Gradec) and the plateau above the garage in Tuskanac and Europa cinemas. Films were shown thru 6 programs, and in zero-release,we offered  you really wide range of titles from Japan and Korea to France, UK, Spain and former Yugoslavia.

Our desire was to get the city of Zagreb not only a great genre film festival, but also the first open air film festival and a series of attractive screenings and events so the city would become more alive in the spirit of the festival, and vice versa. In this way we enriched  the cultural and the summer tourist offer of Zagreb, with emphasis on the Upper Town of Zagreb’s old legends like Grička vjestica (witch), Bloody Bridge, etc! ( zagreb-info-and-events )

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